It went a little like this...


At a Kanye West concert at the American Airlines Arena in September 2016, our worlds collided unexpectedly.
We both knew of each other before but had never met until that night, where out of thousands of people, our seats ended up being right next to the other by chance. In typical fashion, Mel shot her shot that night
and Polo slid into her DM's the next morning.

It's all very 21st century romance.

In the midst of our wild college lives, we learned that two is better than one – for if one falls, one can help the other up. A lot has changed since that night in 2016, except Polo’s arms. Those will always be big.

We have traveled, partied hard, loved new friends even harder,
had a four-legged kid (shoutout to the Obi), and bought our beautiful home.
A journey we wouldn’t trade even for the entire world.

No one gets us like we do.

& on a very windy and sandy April 25 2021, standing 4,200 feet up on Horseshoe Bend, Polo asked the most important question on one knee…

Will you help me tie my shoe?

But most importantly in the last 5 years together, we have experienced all of what life brings. We evolved, we adapted, we made some mistakes, and we learned even more.

What remains is a whole lot of love, gratitude, and the assurance that we are each other’s best chance at getting the best out of life.

So we decided to make things official and invite you to witness our forever.

And the good news? The Best Is Yet To Come!